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By choosing Main Street Property Management, you will be hiring the Inland Empires most qualified and professional property management company at the most competitive rates in the Commercial market, especially with our 5 point checklist for how we save you money!Sign - For Lease

1) 67 point “Ready to Rent Checklist”

This will ensure the property is properly cleaned, painted, and all necessary repairs are completed PRIOR to putting the property on the market for rent. This is the number one reason why properties sit vacant for 3 to 7 months, instead of 30 days.
($764 Average Savings by Renting Your Home Faster)

2) “12/7” 12 Hours a day 7 days a week

My trained leasing staff answers calls from prospective tenants from 8:00am to 8:00pm 7 days a week.
($575 An average Savings by Getting a Qualified Tenant out to See Your property )

3) “24/7” Zero Overhead Repair Service

80% of repairs that may arise will be handled by 1 of our 4 well trained maintenance techs at a fraction of the cost of hiring your typical repairmen out of the yellow pages or newspaper. When we need to hire a licensed electrician, plumber, or AC tech, we have already negotiated extremely low rates by finding the folks with little to no overhead, and giving them a ton of repeat business.
($875 Average Repair Savings, Annually on Each UNIT)

4) “Instant Tenant Attraction” System

Developed after 15 years and 1,138 + tenants. This advertising system generates 5 to 7 times the amount of tenant calls, compared to traditional rental signs and ads in the newspaper. Even better, you don’t pay an extra dime for all the extra advertising we perform to find you a good tenant.
($550 Average Savings by Getting a Quality Tenant Much Faster)

5) “Paid for Performance”

You don’t (in fact) pay us anything up front. We get paid only after we find you a good tenant and collect the first month’s rent from them. “Paid for Performance” is the way it should be.
($300-$800 Value Compared To Our Competitors)

These 5 different programs and guarantees are provided to all of our property management clients. You can’t find a SINGLE competitor (anywhere in the Inland Empire area) offering this level of service or guarantee. If these are the kinds of control you want to have in place…if you want a property manager to take charge and get the job done, then the next step is to see if the properties you own are a fit for us. The most effective and efficient
way we found is to: Contact Us – 951-547-1200